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Wednesday April 3, 2024

This screening session features 4 short films.
All films are in English OR have English subtitles.​
Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen St E, Toronto

Tickets are $8.90 each. Book your tickets.

Longing In Me .jpeg

Longing In Me (Germany) by Julian Wonn

Dita Rita Scholl has been an actor and pioneer of queer performance art since the 1970s. Having experienced frequent rejection throughout life, Rita developed a strong longing for physical and emotional touch. 

Running time: 00:10:00

Down to the Bottom .jpeg

Down to the Bottom (United States) by Carina Miller

An unflinching, 13-minute look at alcohol use disorder and it's impact.

The short documentary pulls from conversations between a father and daughter recorded in 2022.

Running time: 00:13:15

Human, not human .jpeg

Human, not human (Belgium) by Natan Castay

Otto spends night and day blurring faces on Google Streetview for a cent each. It's the kind of work he and his friends around the world can find on the Amazon Mechanical Turk, the crowdworking platform. Alongside his turker friends, Otto sinks into a robotic world that raise the question of humanity.

Running time: 00:39:40

Dear Friend, Where Have You Gone_ .jpeg

Dear Friend, Where Have You Gone? (Canada) by Nicholas Koscik

For Jayden Martin, art is more than just a hobby. It's his escape, his passion, and his lifeline. But as an artist in the small, rural community of Englehart, Ontario, Jayden's dreams of making it big seem almost impossible. Despite growing up with divorced parents and struggling with addiction, mental health, and suicide, he remains determined to succeed. "Dear Friend, Where Have You Gone?" offers a rare glimpse into Jayden's world as he navigates the challenges of small-town life and grapples with his own inner demons. This powerful documentary is an inspiring reminder of human resilience and the transformative power of art.

Running time: 00:29:00

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